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Keywords are phrases that potential customers type into search engines. When selecting keywords with your representative you must think like one of your potential customers. Would they type this word? Is this something you would type in yourself? We can let you pick your keywords, but we do recommend that you let us use our data and research to assist you.

Every day, millions of people use the internet to search for companies. These people know exactly what they need but they don’t know the name of any companies that provide the goods or services they require. Similar to the yellow pages/phone book, Google allows companies to place ads that are easily found and they clearly list the address and phone numbers of those companies.

Step 1: Open your browser and go to
Step 2: In the search bar on Google®, type your keyword followed by the city and state and click Google Search i.e. Plumber in Las Vegas, NV.
Step 3:The top seven local results are on this page, labeled A – G in the red balloons.

Businesses are indexed by a portion of the search engine’s algorithm called “spiders” or “web crawlers.” These are basically pieces of code which browse the entire internet at incredibly fast speeds, observing which search criteria is and is not present on various sites and indexing those websites, in this case your business, accordingly. Though they are fast, there are millions upon millions of websites and as such it is not unusual for optimization to take months to be noticeably effective. This is the reason most SEO agencies require a contract and a very large portion of payment up front. We do not require a contract, and though we are subject to how quickly these crawlers are able to organize websites just like everyone else, we have found in most cases we are able to place a business much faster than the industry average, usually in a matter of weeks as opposed to months. We ask that you do give us a few weeks however, despite not requiring a contract, and from that point we are confident you will quickly see results. The longer you stay with us the better those results will be in most cases because we optimize your business’s presence each week making continuous adjustments. If however a number of months has passed and you are not seeing an increase in your business’s position, please call customer service at 866-391-0622. They will double check your listing and make sure everything is in order and we will take additional steps to get you on the first page.

After becoming a customer the most important thing for you to remember are these seven magic words,” Did you find us on the internet?” As your optimization progresses and you start nearing the 90 days required for effective results the answer to that question should more frequently be answered with a “yes!” But we will let you be the judge.
You are going to get regular updates on your optimization including analytics that will help you see exactly where your business is listed, who’s seeing your business, and how they are seeing it. You will find these reports incredibly valuable for determining where your business is at and we use these reports as well to constantly improve your online marketing. Ultimately you will know it’s working when you start getting more customers in your door and more phone calls from customers. Keep in mind that we are going to have your business listed on Google Maps on the first page and that your phone number will be clearly visible on the first page. A lot of customers are going to call you or go to the map, which means they may not click all the way through to your site. While we will track clicks and visits for you, the best way to determine effectiveness is looking at sales prior to contacting us, compared to about 3 months into our service. You may also want to ask customers how they find you. After that three month mark you will be surprised how many more tell you that they found you online.

It really varies and there is not an exact number. Rather than hits, what we try to focus on is increasing your PAYING customers and not the number of hits you will receive. Hits don’t necessarily equate to increased revenue and so our model focuses on getting the customer to call you directly. Research shows that most customers performing a local search will see your phone number and just give you a call…only a few will click through to your website.